Holy Stone HS170

Holy Stone HS170 Drone On Sale Get Holy Stone Drones Reviews Best Price Is It Worth Buying? Check out our unbiased Holy Stone HS170 review to learn more on one of the best mini drones on the market. Since the trend started, many customers are attracted to the exciting prospect of being able to fly their own drones. But to do so, one must have the skills. As an entry level drone, this particular mini drone has a lot of things to offer.
Holy Stone HS170
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Holy Stone HS170

Holy Stone Drones Reviews

The Holy Stone HS170 mini drone may be referred to as a toy drone for its lightweight and compact size. But that does not necessarily mean you have a brick of a drone. Weighing just under 1lbs, this drone does not require registration and permission to fly from the FAA. So that is one thing out of the way. The mini quadcopter comes with remote controller, four extra propellers, and LiPo battery of 3.7V 350 mAh.

Let’s start this Holy Stone HS170 review with its specification details. Measuring at 6-inches diagonally and 5.5-inches across the quadcopter, the HS170 is undoubtedly one of the tiniest drone. Classified as nano drone, the quadcopter may deliver more than 6-minutes of flight time. With distinctive blades and four rotors, it makes it easy for your to identify which direction the drone is facing.

Holy Stone HS170 Drone

Made of beautifully sculpted polycarbonate body, the quadcopter is equipped with flashing LED lights and extra propellers. This addition is undoubtedly incredibly useful for many beginners as accidents may happen during learning. Next on the Holy Stone HS170 review is the cable protruding from its LiPo battery. Easily connected to the USB charging cable, recharging your quadcopter is made easy!

To recharge, simply connect the quadcopter’s male end to the charging cable. Some people may be confused due to the lack of on/off switch. But it does not matter since manually initiating recharging process is far from complicated. Just connect the male end to the USB, and voila! It is indeed that easy.

Holy Stone HS170 Review

In terms of performance, the HS170 delivers performance like no other. It flies to whichever direction you point them to, ensuring smooth flying performance. But perhaps, the best thing from this tiny quadcopter is the fact that it’s capable of doing stunt. Yes, referred to as 3D Flip, it’s undeniably fun and entertaining to pull off.

To do so, simply initiate the mindblowing full 360-degree flip by pressing down on its right stick during flying. Flip your quadcopter in any direction you like by moving the stick as you press it down. Your quadcopter will resume to normal flight after the flip. With all of these capabilities, we end our Holy Stone HS170 Drone On Sale Get Holy Stone Drones Reviews Best Price with a solid recommendation.

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