DJI Mavic Pro Reviews vs Phantom 4 On Sale Get Best Drone Buying Guide Best Price

DJI Mavic Pro Reviews On Sale Get Best Drone Buying Guide Price When we talk about DJI Mavic Pro Reviews vs Phantom 4 we cannot deny the fact that DJI has solidified its position in the industry with its various affordable yet still top-of-the-line devices. While the Phantom series is widely known as the brand’s biggest selling drone up to this date due to its superb features and solid yet stunning design and construction, we cannot deny that its latest addition to the line, the DJI Mavic Pro, looks incredible as well. But which one from the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 is superior? Here, we are going to test and compare both drones to find out.

DJI Mavic Pro Reviews vs Phantom 4
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DJI Mavic Pro Reviews vs Phantom 4 On Sale Get Best Drone Buying Guide Best Price

DJI Mavic Pro Review vs Phantom 4 Reviews

First in DJI Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4 Reviews saga is its design and built. The most noticeable difference is, obviously, the physical size. The Mavic Pro which boasts portability is much smaller than Phantom 4 – and the best thing is the drone along with its controller can be folded up. Another thing that is noticeable is the noise, Phantom 4 being the bigger one produces louder noises which can attract people, unlike the Mavic Pro which can be used discreetly as it’s not as noisy. Although different in size, both drones are equally light and stable when flown in a windy environment.

Next in DJI Mavic Pro Review vs Phantom 4 is the specs and features. The Phantom 4 has a 12.4 megapixel camera with 1/2.3 inches CMOS sensor as well as a 20mm 94°FOV lens whereas the Mavic Pro sports the same CMOS sensor, the only difference lies in the fact that it has a slight better camera at 12.7 megapixel – which is interesting, does that small difference even noticeable? The answer is, yes. From the tests, although subtle in nature, the Mavic Pro still does a much better job when it comes to retaining informations when it’s flown over moving water or terrains that are full of foliage.

DJI Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4 For Buying Guide

When it comes which one is better, we lean more towards the Mavic Pro because not only is it compact, it is also portable and has the ability to produce higher quality images and videos – not only that, its Optical Flow technology, DJI’s ActiveTrack and OcuSync video transmission system enable you to film a footage at 1080p resolution and also stream as well as download video and images at 40Mb per second which is insane. It’s also packed with the latest technology unlike the old Phantom 4 that is a bit outdated – making the Mavic Pro a rightful winner in this Mavic Pro Review vs Phantom 4

DJI Mavic Pro Review helping to Buy Drones

This DJI Mavic Pro review is written with the aim of helping those who are looking for an incredibly drone that does not only take high quality videos and pictures, but also compact. As we all know, capability when it comes to drones and most things in life is one of the most important aspects. But often we end up having one setback and that is its portability.

It is almost as if capability and portablity cannot quite coexist and go hand in hand – if it is capable, it is too much of a hassle to transport from one place to another and if it is compact, more often than not it is translated to limited ability and lack of valuable built-in features. How many times have you ended up not taking your drone during one of your hiking trips because it’s too huge to the point it takes up the space in your backpack or maybe can’t fit in at all? Which is a shame considering a hiking trip is a great chance for you to fly your drone.

Introducing DJI Mavic Pro Reviews vs Phantom 4 Reviews ,the star of our DJI Mavic Pro Reviews vs Phantom 4 this time. This drone may be tiny, but it does not sacrifice its ability – quite the contrary, it is packed with drool-worthy features and high quality camera. But before we talk about the features and specifications, let’s take a look at its built and design. Most often, fragility is the most mentioned disadvantage when it comes to a compact version of any type of electronic devices – but not with DJI Mavic Pro. This latest edition to the DJI drones range may be portable and smaller in terms of size, but it is still built with an incredibly solid construction and clever design. Did I mention clever? I did, indeed. While we have seen a large number of folded drones, this one is like no other. The design makes it possible for you to fold up the arms into a neat rectangle that isn’t bigger than a brick, and the controller? You, too, can fold it up into the size of a walkie-talkie and flip the antennas out then attach your smartphone and voila! You get your full-fledged, intuitive controller.

Next on the DJI Mavic Pro Reviews vs Phantom 4 is the most awaited features and specs. Equipped with a built-in 4K camera with an exceptional 3-axis gimbal, this compact device is able to capture a high quality 12.7 megapixel still pictures and also an incredibly stabilized video all thanks to its gimbal. More on the camera front, the camera of DJI Mavic Pro is equipped with Optical Flow technology and DJI’s ActiveTrack which makes it possible for its camera to track any object and its image analysis algorithms to sense any obstacles that come its way. OcuSync, DJI’s latest video transmission system, is one of its greatest features – this addition enables DJI Mavic Pro to stream any footage at an impressive resolution of 1080p and also 40Mb/s video and photo downloads with the maximum range of over 4 miles!

On top of its standard features such as Waypoints, Course Lock, Follow Mode, and Point of Interest, another features that the DJI Mavic Pro sports is Intelligent Flight Modes, as well as the new Gesture Modes which enables you to take a selfie just by waving to the camera, and Terrain Follow that enables you to maintain distance between your drone and the ground which is excellent if you wish to film over various elevated terrains. If you are looking for an affordable, capable, as well as portable drone, this smart device we are reviewing on our DJI Mavic Pro Reviews vs Phantom 4 is your best choice

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